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2.5D Shooter


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(0:19 - 0:42) Teaser hot~

(0:51 - 1:15) City Overview hot~

(1:21 - 1:30) Sword

(1:42 - 1:45) Pistol

(2:02 - 2:08) Machine Gun

(2:10 - 2:15) Overpowered Weapon: Guitar

(2:27 - 2:35) Overpowered Weapon: Bazooka

(2:37 - 3:50) Introduction to Final Boss: Dr.Irtech hot~

Achievements / Awards

Nominated as a Showcase Project for the CSE department's Open House Event.


Professor Irtech is a world renowned scientist known for his research in Artificial Intelligence. One day when testing his most recent experiment, something went terribly wrong. Dr. Irtech had finally created the most perfectly simulated version of human intelligence. However, when he powered on the robot for the first time, the robot began slaughtering all of Dr. Irtech's lab assistants, and escaped his facilities and began killing all of the citizens of his city. Moments later, Irtech announced a total lockdown of the city and began sending his robot army to capture this rogue AI and bring it back to his lab. After giving the order to his army to seek out the rogue, he sprinted over to his main PC and began searching through every line of every file to see what went wrong. In the emotions, he discovered that the empathy file was replaced with .NULL.


2.5D Shooter

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I aimed not only for learning purposes, but also to win the CSE open house nominations. This is the first time I led a team of designers, artists, musicians, and programmers. Most importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and felt extremely rewarded when my team and I won the academic nominations. # Thank you again Team Cup-Noodle!

Top Responsibilities

1. Team Lead - Managed Team Meetings & Tracked Work Progress

2. Recruited a Team of 9 and Linked the members that are in different fields of specialty

3. Gameplay Programming


Unity C#