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About Medical Apps





Due to confidentiality agreements, I can't showcase my most recent works. However please take a look at my major responsibilities below, or my other projects.


AR / MR serious games, simulations, tutorials, and virtual assistances

My Mentality

Craft, enhance, and deliver immersive apps and simulations for medical students, doctors, and soldiers, while challenging the limits of different "realities", providing reports under medical standards, and R&D in VR|AR|MR devices; such as, HoloLens, Android, Haptics.

Top Responsibilities

1. Challenge the limits of VR, AR, MR

2. Collaborated with researchers and professors from several universities, such as Harvard, Georgia Tech, and Uni. At Washington with the main focus on AR & computer vision.

3. Rapidly prototyped and delivered medical applications on HoloLens, Mobile (Android), and Haptic (Geo-magic Touch).

4. Custom Unity Tools Developments - A path I took to create solutions and improve the development environment for the whole team.

5. Wrote R&D report under the medical standard, and provided documentation of tools and apps (both technical and user sides)

6. Team Recruitment


Unity C#, C++, Vuforia, OpenCV, Slam, Network API, HoloLens, Mobile (Android), Daqri Helmet, Haptics, Epson BT