About Patrick


Collaborate with designers, artists, and other developers while forging tools, creating contents, and providing documentations.


"I don’t know what bugs are, and what they want. If they are looking for ransom, I can tell them I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills… I will look for bugs, I will find bugs, and I will kill bugs" – Iterations & Optimizations


User focused delivery, both internally and externally. Previous clients: friends/colleagues, professors, medical students, and doctors, etc.


Dev Qualities



Fluent in both English and Chinese (Mandarine).


I have been developing with Unity since v3.0 not only on the traditional platforms such as PC & Android, but also on a mix of VR/AR/MR devices and haptics.

Software Engineer

Teamwork, architecture design, optimizations, OOP, pair programming, agile methodologies, etc.

Shader & Network

Due to my dev passion, currently self-learning the basic concepts of networking, shaders-forge & computer graphic.


Demo Reel